Located in a quaint yet bustling part of East Sacramento and owned by renowned Head Chef and restaurateur Ramiro Alarcon.

By combining traditional recipes and modern techniques, chef Ramiro is constantly evolving his offerings. It is in this state of continuous craftsmanship that he does his best work.  Through the use of various colors, textures, flavors, and aromas, he balances each ingredient to masterfully create a unique treat for his guests.

Our Philosophy In Quality

Cielito Lindo Mexican Gastronomy is not just a fine dining establishment but also strives to provide the utmost attentive and delightful service possible. It is reflective of the Chef’s attention to detail and service but is also emblematic of our proud Mexican heritage and values. We aim to provide a fine dining experience with an unmatched level of service.


The center of our investment in leadership focuses on every team member's personal growth. It is dedicated to the exquisite artistry of service and culinary craftsmanship by the creative artists, essentially guiding our main goal to the success of each and every team member in their respective role. The result is an unmatched dining experience for our guests.


Cielito Lindo invites you, your friends, and family to join us for a one-of-a-kind authentic Mexican dining experience.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to promoting the rich culture and tradition which inspires, and is inspired by, authentic Mexican gastronomy. Our mission and passion are expressed by endeavoring to present the originality and identity of Mexican culinary treasures in every dish we serve.

Our Vision

By presenting a dining experience that is true to our Mexican heritage and culture, we aspire to be a leader in the restaurant industry, throughout Northern California and beyond. Our Aztec ancestors have passed down distinct culinary concepts and flavors that intertwine Pre-Hispanic, French and Spanish roots, from generation to generation. Our Culinary team has honored that sacred trust by mastering the craft and artistry of our forebears.